Portraits - DavidKM
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003/100 Mark (2017 round)... Mark is the owner and operator of Rocket Fizz, his store. A great store that is, full of 50's style ephemera and candy. I took a couple of interior shots and could see him eyeing my camera so we started to chat. Next thing I know were exchanging business cards and shaking hands. I also picked up some great old skool movie posters. He's also said I could use the store as a backdrop for some personal projects I have coming up... win win !!! My camera used here... a Rolleiflex 2.8f shooting medium format film. When I initially acquired this camera I thought it would be perfect for a small MF camera that could take sneaky quiet images. Yes, it has an extremely quiet shutter, the problem is it looks great. It's the old school camera that looks very old school and it attracts a lot of attention making sneaky quite difficult. Everyone sees it !!! So sneaky goes out the window and I learn to adapt and overcome. It is the perfect stranger camera though... it draws people to you, they marvel at it's like new appearance and the next thing they know I'm asking for their portrait. Works well for me, better than anything else I could have imagined. On cameras and stranger shooting... I have a vast array of different bodies now. From old to new, analog to digital. From experience I've found digital is by far the most attention gathering in a negative way. People these days know what it is and what a modern DSLR means. I call it the paparazzi effect for better or worse. Put a giant white Canon lens on and watch people glare at you and/or run from the area. Leica's are a different subject entirely... most people don't give them a second thought. They look nondescript, black and small... non-threatening, at least mine do. I always shoot black models. The one exception are camera people. They can spot a Leica from a mile away and you'll get inquisitive glances and often they will approach you to talk about it or ask questions. The Rolleiflex is a attention grabber for all though and as described above... that has it's pluses and minuses. Rolleiflex Schneider Xenotar 2.8f Kodak Tmax 400 DD-X 1+4 (8:00@20c) 100 Strangers